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Our Services Include

Barley  // Canola  // Corn // Flax  // Lentils  // Soybeans // Sunflowers // Wheat // and more....

Hoffman Harvesting operates the latest John Deere combines, several Kenworth Semis to keep the operation running efficiently whether the distance to the elevator is near or far, and Kinze grain carts that house scales and are, of course, pulled by John Deere tractors.

The combines have 4WD that help ensure no matter how muddy the situation, we will pull through for you! We also have 40’ flex draper headers that get the job done faster without compromising quality.

For fall harvest crops, we are fully equipped with pick-up headers, twelve row corn heads, 40’ hydroflex bean heads, sunflower pans and all crop heads to meet all your harvesting needs. The operation also has a service trailer that has everything needed to help keep our business up and running.

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